Donations are welcome to support events such as food at shows, workshops, and trophies for Specialties.  The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Northern California is a non-profit organization.  Your donation may be tax deductible.  


How you can help...

If rescue touches your heart and makes you want to help there are several things that you could do...

Make a monetary donation to KBTCNC Rescue which helps to cover vet costs, food, supplies, etc. Checks should be made payable to KBTCNC and mailed to our Secretary:

Connie Robbins
1127 Pascoe Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125

Make a donation of supplies to KBTCNC Rescue. If you have a Kerry sized crate that you are no longer using, a coupon for dog food, or a cushy crate mat that a senior citizen might like please contact Rescue with that information and we will make arrangements to pick these up.

Volunteer as a possible foster home for future rescues.

Volunteer to check shelter websites looking for possible mis-identified Kerries.

Volunteer to visit shelters in your area regularly.

Volunteer to be available to ID a dog in a shelter if the need arises.

Check pet stores in your area that sell puppies and be sure they have no Kerries. If they do please don't say a word - just contact Rescue.

Put the word out when you see notices that we have a Kerry in need. Let friends who admire your Kerries and might make a good home for one know that they could be a guardian angel.

Rescue & Breeder Referral 
(707) 765-0841