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The Kerry Blue Terrier can be feisty, hard headed, stubborn - a true Irishman. They are also loving, protective and true hearted. All of these qualities have both good and bad sides. To own and be owned by a Kerry Blue Terrier means practicing obedience every day of the dog's life. Everything good that comes to the dog must come from your hand, everything the Kerry wants to do must come with your permission. Start out right and you will have a wonderful companion.

Canine Good Citizen

The Canine Good Citizen Test consists of 10 very basic tests which judge how well you dog will behave in situations commonly encountered in everyday life. 

  • Walking by the owner on a loose leash
  • Reaction to other dogs
  • Reaction to people
  • Reaction to being handled by a stranger
  • Coming when called
  • Being left with a stranger while the owner is out of sight
  • Reaction to a person on crutches or in a wheelchair
  • Able to perform a sit and a down
  • Reaction to a stranger approaching and talking with you

Most dogs with basic training should easily pass this test. If you don’t pass you will then know what you need to work on!