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The Kerry Blue Terrier started out as a general all round working dog for the small Irish farmer. They worked for a living, keeping the farms clear of vermin, going into the forest at night with the poachers, retrieving game their masters had shot, guarding the homestead and children, and herding flocks of sheep, goats, geese and ducks. While most of our dogs today don't have the opportunity to perform these duties many still retain the instincts that would allow them to do so. 

Periodically the KBTCNC has held herding instinct tests. Many owners have been surprised to see to what degree our cosmopolitan companions revert to the good old farm boys that they once were

"I never would have imagined my girl running after those big sheep!" 

If you should have an opportunity to attend a herding instinct test, trial or clinic don't hesitate. You may have the time of your life!