Q: So you want a Kerry... ?

You have seen Mick on television and think that this is the dog for you. You have been doing some research and read some about our breed. You may have heard that these dogs don't shed, that they don't get that doggy odor and that they are good for asthmatics and allergy prone people for this reason. You have heard that they are good with children. You know they are very bright and very loving. Sounds like the right dog for you. True? Maybe yes and maybe no. This breed has many admirable qualities, but please consider the difficulties also. If you are willing to socialize your puppy and train for the life of the dog, this is a wonderful, wonderful breed.

Q: Are Kerry Blue Terriers good tempered?

We want to make it clear that this is a breed which has a tendency to be DOG AGGRESSIVE. For this reason you must socialize and obedience train from day one. Consistency is important and training is a lifelong commitment, not just a six week course that you then forget about. Most of the dogs that come in to rescue are young males who have been let run wild in the first two or three years and have become a problem because of it. The owner then throws up their hands, deciding that they can't deal with it and they are ready to surrender the dog.

Q: Do Kerry Blue Terriers need grooming?

Grooming is a financial and time consideration. It is hard to find a groomer who actually knows how to groom a Kerry. They all say they do and then the dog comes home looking like a schnauzer at best, a cocker at worst - or just shaved down. A groomer who does know how to trim a Kerry will probably run you $80+/- per trim and they should be groomed every 6-8 weeks. We encourage our members to learn how to groom their dogs themselves. We hold grooming seminars every year and try to help our new puppy people get a good handle on it early on.

Q: I really like these dogs, how can I get one ?

Call every breeder on our Breeder List. Go to a dog show. Talk to those who know the breed best -- those who own and breed Kerries. Come to our club events. This will give you a chance to meet Kerries up close and personal. You will see a variety of personalities, shades of blue, sizes and ages. We feel that this is important before you make a decision on a breed.

Be prepared to wait. Kerry Blue Terriers are not found on every corner, nor are they the breed for everyone. It is better to buy from a local breeder where you will have support throughout the life of the dog. You won't just be buying a puppy, you will be joining a Kerry family. Don't buy a puppy from a breeder that you are uncomfortable with, that you wouldn't want to have contact with regularly over the next fifteen years. You will need this person's support.

Come to our activities, meet our dogs. Maybe this is the right breed for you. Let's find out before you make a lifetime decision.

Have additional Questions?

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