How To Join

Please fill out the membership application, and send to the address listed. You must have support from two current members by having them sign your membership application.


Single Membership $25, Couple- $35, Family- $38, Junior Showmanship- $15. Please send applications and dues payment to KBTCNC Corresponding Secretary, Connie Robbins, 1127 Pascoe Avenue, San Jose 95125


Meetings are held monthly, but on occasion are bimonthly, and may be held at a show ground, or at a members home. Notification of meetings will be sent to you via email.


ACTIVE membership means you must commit to attend a minimum of two (2) business meetings a year and participate in the management of the Club by voting on business matters at regular meetings and in the election of Club Officers.

ASSOCIATE member means you prefer not to be required to attend business meetings nor vote, however you would like to take part in any and all Club functions and activities. You agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Club and the rules of the AKC.

Club Constitution and Bylaws