Who We Are

Kerry Blue owners are almost as much fun as their dogs. Club events bring Kerry owners together to socialize and learn more about the breed.

The KBTCNC strives to foster interest in the breed whether for show or as household companions. In addition to sponsoring dog show events, we hold regular meetings and events ranging from an annual picnic to workshops on agility, grooming, herding and obedience. Social events such as our Holiday dinner meeting give us an opportunity to share tips on everything from grooming, to health, breeding and handling the Kerry at home and in the show ring. We welcome prospective owners and members at all events.

Whether you're anxious to try your hand showing your Kerry or you'd just like to be around people who own and love Kerries, the KBTCNC has something to offer every Kerry lover. If you would like to attend a meeting or just talk with someone about Kerries, feel free to contact any club officer.